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Sears Launches Get Advice for Loyalty Members

Sears Launches Get Advice for Loyalty Members

Sears is launching a service called Get Advice, which gives its Shop Your Way loyalty members a way to engage with millions of other loyalty members, in addition to Sears associates, for purchasing advice.

The move follows the 2013 launch of its Member Assist service, which allows members of the Shop Your Way rewards program to communicate with employees in more than 400 stores nationwide through a mobile app or website.

Shop Your Way rewards was launched in 2009 with a focus on earning points and has since expanded into a social platform. With this in mind, Sears is shifting its focus to customer service and retention, which gives repeat shoppers incentive to buy, according to ABC News.

Sears has been cutting costs as it struggles to bring shoppers into its stores but continues to invest in its loyalty program because Shop Your Way customers accounted for 69% of sales from Sears and Kmart stores, up 59% to the year prior.

Eric Jaffe, senior vice president of Shop Your Way, indicates the personalization and advice services will create a better shopping experience for members and allow Sears to gain better insight into what kind of merchandise shoppers are looking for.

[Source: ABC News]

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