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Retailers Primarily Use Mobile to Drive Loyalty, NOT Sales

Building Brand Loyalty With Mobile

Retailers Use Mobile to Build Brand Loyalty

A recent survey of 100 retailers by EPiServer found that 46 percent of those with a mobile strategy in place and 74 percent of those planning to launch one soon say they are using mobile primarily to increase customer loyalty or provide a more personalized experience for customers. Only 8 percent said they use their mobile strategy for sales. The findings suggest that as e-commerce giants such as Amazon and eBay make it difficult for other retailers to compete on price, they are leveraging mobile to differentiate themselves through convenience and brand loyalty.

Bob Egner, vice president of product management at EPiServer stated, “The survey shows that mainstream retailers are reaping the greatest rewards from their mobile strategy through greater customer loyalty and personalization,” he said. “This valuable engagement really highlights the focus needed on customer experience across channels.

When asked who they think is most effectively using mobile to increase customer experience and the user journey, 22 percent said Amazon, 9 percent pointed to eBay, 2 percent named Facebook and 2 percent favored Starbucks. The remaining 65 percent fell under the “other” category.

[Source: Mobile Commerce Daily]

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