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Reinventing the Customer Experience: Disney Builds Loyalty with RFID

Could the customer experience at Disney’s parks be any more magical? Disney is certainly trying with a collection of new services dubbed MyMagic+. Costing andisney estimated $1 billion the services revolve around RFID wristbands Disney is referring to as MagicBands. These rubber bracelets will be encoded with credit card information allowing users to make purchases with a simple tap of the wrist.

Disney Next Generation Experience

Although these wristbands are being pushed as a convenient way for a family to quickly pay for entry to the park, buy lunch, and have access to their hotel’s facilities they are far more. MagicBands will make it possible for Disney to further customize the experience. Allowing for people to be specifically acknowledged by characters at the park, and receive special offers based upon their previous activities.

Disney’s Magic Band Technology

For Disney, the MagicBands allow for a deeper level of data collection. Disney will be able to not only track the movements of users, but also the users spending. From this, they will be able to identify trends and habits of their guests with the hopes of customizing the marketing communications.

Although the system is intended to create a more magical experience, it will not be forced upon guests. Users must register for the cloud-based service, and then choose which features they would like to opt in or out of. Disney hopes that the ability to customize the privacy options will put parents minds at ease.

The possibilities to utilize this technology are endless. The question remains as to how far Disney will go to integrate the technology with the customer experience. What effect will this have on loyalty? Disney is betting that these services will make the parks less daunting and therefore more enjoyable. Happier customers will return to the park more often and spend more while they’re there.

Disney recognizes that loyalty can help them drive more value from their existing infrastructure. Are there opportunities within your company to cultivate loyalty? Let the experts at Customer Insight Group help you with your loyalty initiatives.

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