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Rebuild Consumer Trust Through Engagement

The sheer number of choices we face is leading to consumer bewilderment and, sometimes, utter indifference.

Advertising is no longer sufficient to reach consumers. Essentially, consumers feel they’re drowning in information that fails to meet their needs and desires and hold little to no trust in companies.

Retailers can break through consumer resistance by delivering precise and relevant messages geared toward specific individuals while empowering customers and providing reciprocity of some kind for their time and attention. In addition, with more and more channels for consumer-generated content, companies must engage their customers both online and offline through social media strategies.

Respondents who are “actively engaged in the use of social media tend to be more positive about companies in general” and are twice as likely to think that companies are ” genuinely interested in them.”

Does your company’s content and social media strategy pass the relevancy test? Do you need help engaging your customers?

Editorial Staff