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Overhaul Your Customer Loyalty Program

Is the competition stealing your best customers? Has your loyalty program grown stagnant? How are you planning for the long-term to retain your best customers and build their affinity to your business? No matter where small businesses find their challenges today, it is likely that customer loyalty plays a significant role in their marketing mix.

How to Improve Customer Loyalty Program

In this presentation, you will learn how to plan, launch and evaluate your customer loyalty program which recognizes and rewards best customers while increasing the bottom line. Whether you’re just starting out with a customer loyalty initiative or you recognize that the one you already have needs reworked, this presentation will provide valuable insight into where your next steps should be to make improvements to your customer loyalty strategy.

Read and take notes from the presentation, Overhaul Your Customer Loyalty Program and you will learn strategies to improve customer loyalty:
  • How to shift customer behavior to increase profits.
  • Update existing loyalty programs.
  • Distinguish a business from its competition.
  • Reduce customer attrition and churn.

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Mary Shaw