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OSL Holdings CEO Outlines Strategy of Medical Marijuana and Loyalty

OSL Holdings, a company in the business of acquiring and optimizing key aspects of the legal medical cannabis industry and loyalty rewards programs, has informed its shareholders of its strategy of capitalizing on opportunities in the medical marijuana field while still being committed to its loyalty programs. OSL CEO Bob Rothenberg explained the strategy to shareholders in a letter.

Rothenberg wrote that OSL’s corporate mandate has always been to identify and optimize underserved markets comprised of affluent, loyal, and informed consumers and patients with solid spending power, and we believe, through our compassionate focus on and recent experience with the LGBT community, that this vision has been validated.

Regarding the OSL Loyalty Rewards product program, Rothenberg wrote that it would continue, adding, “We are planning to expand our program into the legal medical marijuana market once we have more asset agreements in place and other market conditions are ideal. We are also actively seeking partners, customers, and possible acquirers for OSL’s Loyalty Rewards products.”

Sallie Burnett
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