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New Loyalty Program Allows Players to Earn PUCK BUCKS

Canlan Ice Sports Corp. announced Puck Bucks’ launch, a mobile-based loyalty program for members of Canlan’s Adult Safe Hockey League (ASHL).

New Loyalty Program PUCK BUCKS
Members can use their smartphone to flash their mobile loyalty card at any Thirsty Penguin Grillhouse location in Canlan ice rinks to earn a minimum of 5% of their purchase back in Puck Bucks. Members can redeem Puck Bucks on the ASHL website towards reducing their league fees.

“The PUCK BUCKS loyalty program is ideally suited to the Thirsty Penguin and its most important customer group, players in Adult Safe Hockey League,” said Ian Irving, Director of Food & Beverage at Canlan Ice Sports. “It is easy to use, doesn’t require carrying another card in your wallet, and provides a reward that is highly valued by its users. Canadians love loyalty programs and support the businesses that provide the best ones.”

“Up until now, the only way for Club Hockey Canada’s members to earn PUCK BUCKS was through the purchase of hockey-related items in our online store. Canlan’s program is providing a unique new approach for our adult members to earn PUCK BUCKS, when purchasing food and drinks at the Thirsty Penguin,” said Jonah McEachern, Director of Operations at Hockey Canada. “Plus, the addition of mobile functionality to CHC means that there are, even more, opportunities available for Hockey Canada to explore in our goal to help Canadians lower the cost of hockey.”

More than 800 ASHL teams have players that have participated in the program since the launch at the beginning of the 2014 hockey season, with almost $30,000 in PUCK BUCKS awarded in the first four months.

“From the outset, our goal was to create a loyalty program that was easy to use and provided significant value to the ASHL’s members,” said Steven Hoffman, President and CEO of Exchange Solutions. “An added benefit is that the data tracking and analysis capabilities of our customer engagement platform can provide Canlan the capacity to understand their customers better, allowing the company to be much more targeted in providing relevant offers and promotions to players and teams.”

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