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Middle Township Committee Launches Property Tax Reward Card Program

Middle Township Committee launches Property Tax Reward Card Program. The program, managed by third-party FinCredit, Inc., will be implemented for all of Middle Township businesses and residents to participate.

“We are pleased to announce the approval of this innovative program for Middle Township. This is just one part of our Buy Local Initiative that we are working on to help stimulate the local economy. As the program is launched, we will be keeping businesses and residents informed on what to expect,” said Mayor Tim Donohue.

“The program has grown in popularity across different cities in New Jersey, and Middle Township is at the forefront for our region in approving this. It will encourage residents and visitors to shop locally and by shopping at a participating location, the card holder will earn rewards in the form of property tax credits and if renting, will receive a rebate check at the end of the fiscal year,” said Carol Struett, Chairwoman of the Middle Township Economic Development Council.


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