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Marketing Segmentation Gives Marketers an Edge in the Market Place

Today, more than ever before, marketers recognize the need for targeted marketing. Consumers receive so many messages on a daily basis that they are forced to quickly identify and filter out irrelevant messages. Marketers are now left with the tough job of quickly enticing an individual before they decide the message is not worth their time.

The key to reaching your marketing goals and increasing sales is marketing to the right consumer, at the right time with the right message. Segmentation allows marketers to group individuals into specific targeted groups. When marketers know their audience, they are able to create targeted messages or offers that will resonate with their recipients—greatly increasing the odds that the individual will actually read the message and take action.

A fully-integrated, centralized marketing database solution is a necessity to support consumer segmentation. Valuable marketing data exists throughout an organization. Once all of the marketing data has been identified and put together into a central location, marketers have the ability to perform highly targeted segmentation. Using information such as, geographics, demographics, firmographics, lifestyles, lifecycle stages, purchase behaviors, purchase history, upcoming birthdays or anniversaries, marketers easily create finely tuned, targeted marketing lists.

Knowing the marketing campaign audience, marketers are armed to masterfully create offers that speak to their campaign recipients—offering products and services that will meet their needs. In addition, marketers have the ability to personalize messages and show their consumers that their organization perceives them as a person who has specific needs and wants. When marketers use a consumer’s name, recent purchases, upcoming events or special offers, an organization communicates to their customers that they care about them as an individual.

Segmentation empowers marketers to refine a marketing message for a set group of people to ensure the right consumers receive the right message, at the right time.
Dovetail MarketingDovetail provides marketers with a marketing database solution that fully-integrates marketing data from across an organization into a scalable solution that will grow with your company. In addition, Dovetail performs routine updates and maintenance to ensure your data is always fresh and actionable, provides a variety of reporting and analyses options and leverages pristine, integrated data into other marketing and sales platforms.