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Many Loyalty Programs Fail to Deliver

According to “The Leaders in Loyalty: Feeling the Love from the Loyalty Club” is the latest research from the CMO Council, tapping into the insights of over 600 marketers, and gaining first hand perspective from the recipients of these programs in an audit of over 700 consumers, most marketers (61%) believe that loyalty program participants are the best and most profitable customers. So it is not surprising that an almost equal number of respondents (65%) view customer loyalty program investments as a very essential, or a quite valuable part of the marketing mix.

So how can you design a loyalty program that will keep your customers your own and your competitors at bay?

Unfortunately, only 13% of respondents of the study believe they have been highly effective in leveraging loyalty and brand preference among club members, and nearly 20% don’t even have a strategy for this.

Remember loyalty marketing is a journey and not a destination. You are never done. You need to continually adjust your program to address changes in your business, customers, and market trends to keep it relevant and valuable. Keeping up with these adjustments requires an ongoing commitment – one that pays off handsomely when executed well.

Sallie Burnett
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