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Make Customer Centricity a Reality

These days, understanding your customer goes far beyond crafting an ideal demographic profile. It demands that as brands we connect with our customers on new more personal levels.

Customer centricity demands that a company understand the individual needs and improves the customer experience thereby creating sustainable and profitable customer relationships that become impermeable to the competition. In other words, being customer centric may very well be the way to customer loyalty.

It may feel counter-intuitive to a long-time marketer, but being customer centric means that you have to stop focusing on the customer’s wallet and start thinking about the customer himself. That’s not an easy task for many. But, you have to admit, the better you know your customers — what they like, dislike, need and want — then the better armed you are to differentiate yourself from the competition and connect on both a logical and emotional level. Both of which are imperative to long-term loyalty.

One of several characteristics of a customer-centric business, is that they see themselves not as a group of products, services, territories or functions, but instead as a portfolio of customers. This shift in perspective is key to becoming customer centric. To help you learn all the traits of customer-centric companies, along with a look at best practices by some successful retailers today who are driving profits and loyalty through a customer-centric approach, Customer Insight Group has developed an informative white paper titled “Customer Centric White Paper.” Key takeaways include:

  • Successful customer-centric retail snapshots
  • The challenges of becoming customer centric
  • The right kind of accurate data to mine in order to support your approach
  • Customer-centric action items

To download this and other free white papers on how to engage, keep and grow your customer relationships, visit www.customerinsightgroup.com/white-papers.

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