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Lyft Announces Fuel Rewards Program

Lyft users can enroll in the Fuel Rewards program and start saving at the gas pump!

Lyft Users Can Enroll In The Fuel Rewards Program

Under the “Drive More, Earn More” program, the more you drive on the Lyft platform, the more you save. Lyft’s power drivers could earn as much as $3.00/gal – and entire free tanks of fuel. Drivers across the country can save $0.25/gal for their first Fuel Rewards fill-up, while we refine the tiered program to eventually bring it nationwide. There’s something for everyone.

People can redeem their rewards simply by typing in their Fuel Rewards member ID at the Shell pump.

Current car owners filling up at the pump can also enjoy fuel savings – and a new way to supplement their existing income – by becoming Lyft drivers themselves. Eligible new drivers can earn up to $200 in fuel savings.

To help power our drivers through the holiday season and beyond, Express Pay – a payment product that lets drivers cash out instantly – is live across the country! In the weeks since Express Pay launched, the response from our driver community has been overwhelming. More than 30% of drivers on the Lyft platform have used Express Pay at least once, depositing more than $11 million in earnings. We hear from drivers every day that Express Pay has made a huge impact in their lives:

Lyft is the first and only ridesharing platform to offer instant payouts for drivers, giving them the same flexibility over how they access their earnings as they have over their schedules.

Source: Lyft

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