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Visa Commerce Network Helps Merchants Drive Loyalty and Increase Sales

New In-App Commerce Experience Helps Merchants Acquire New Customers, Drive Loyalty and Increase Sales

Visa Commerce Network Helps Merchants Drive Loyalty and Increase Sales

Visa Commerce Network is a new way for merchants to create online and in-app commerce experiences to acquire new customers, drive loyalty and increase sales with relevant offers. Visa Commerce Network is built on the world’s largest electronic payment network, VisaNet, and can be easily utilized by merchants through a variety of simple, commerce application programming interfaces (APIs).

Visa Commerce Network works by connecting transactions between two merchants. For example, a hotel can provide its customers with offers from local restaurants using Visa Commerce Network, and with cardholder consent, track engagement and even issue rewards. Qualifying purchases are recognized at the point of sale and rewards can be seamlessly applied to cardholder accounts – eliminating the need for coupons or redemption schemes.

To-date, more than a dozen leading businesses including Dunkin’ Donuts, Regal Entertainment Group, Shake Shack and Uber have successfully used Visa Commerce Network. In December 2015, Boston-based Uber riders received discounted Uber rides when they used their Visa card at their local Shake Shack. Post-campaign results showed Shake Shack benefitted from new customer acquisition rates in the double digits, and higher customer spend levels, while Uber riders saw the offer rewards seamlessly credited to their Visa cards.

“Participating in this program was seamless,” said Laura Enoch, senior marketing manager of Shake Shack. “Guests could receive their perks without the need to change how they pay at the counter and because all of the rewards happened on the backend, it was a great activation without the need to train team members.”

“We continue to hear from guests that they are visiting Dunkin’ Donuts even more as a result of the campaign we ran using Visa Commerce Network,” said Sherrill Kaplan, senior director of digital and loyalty marketing, Dunkin’ Donuts. “The ability to quickly activate an offer that provided real benefits to both current and prospective customers alike was a very exciting outcome for us.”

Next week, select Uber customers in 10 U.S. markets who enroll in an offer and use their Visa card at any local grocery store can earn discounted rides, and will automatically be entered to win an all-expense paid trip to San Francisco for the big game on February 7.

“We are always looking for new ways to delight our customers and offer unique local experiences,” said David Richter, Uber’s vice president of strategic initiatives. “We’re excited to partner with Visa on this initiative.”

[Source: Visa]

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