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Starbucks Mobile Pay and Customer Loyalty Pays Off

Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay Rewards
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Starbucks Mobile Pay Technology Takes Rewards Program to Gold Level

Starbucks Rewards represented 36% of U.S. company-operated sales in the quarter, with Mobile Payment reaching 29% of transactions and Mobile Order and Pay growing to 8% of transactions.

The company has embraced mobile technology and their loyalty program as a way to help insulate Starbucks from the woes most restaurants and bricks and mortar stores are facing.

Starbucks members are encouraged to pay Starbucks mobile pay technology, make orders ahead and track rewards on their mobile. The Starbucks Rewards program is a tiered loyalty program designed to drive incremental sales and greater loyalty. Green members in Starbucks Rewards™ get 2 Stars per $1 spent, a free birthday Reward. free in-store refills, easy payment by phone, order ahead privileges, special offers and member only events.

When a Green member collects 300 Stars in 12 months, they reach Gold Status. Gold members collect Stars towards free rewards, called Rewards. Redeem 125 Stars for a Reward and enjoy anything on the menu for free. Gold members in Starbucks Rewards™ get all the green member benefits, a free drink or food item each time they earn 125 Stars, monthly double-star days and personalized gold Starbucks Rewards member cards.

According to CEO Kevin Johnson, “Looking to the future, this is all about how our digital relationships with customers intersect with experiential retail in our stores. We are confident that we’re well on our way to further increasing overall store capacity while delivering enhanced Starbucks experience to our customers.”

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