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Southeastern Grocers Replaces Plenti with New Loyalty Program

Southeastern Grocers Transitions to New Loyalty Program

“It’s no secret that loyalty programs are effective marketing tools. They increase growth, help retain customers, and improve a brand’s reputation”, said Sallie Burnett, president of Customer Insight Group. Consider these important loyalty statistics:
  • 65% of women have used a grocery store loyalty program in the last three months vs. 50% of men. (Vantiv)
  • 68% of shoppers belong to at least two grocery store loyalty programs and 60% of shoppers consider themselves loyal to a particular grocery store. (Blackhawk Engagement)
  • Memberships in fuel loyalty programs have risen 10% in the past two years, with 64% of Americans participating in a program that helps them save on the cost of gas. Fuel savings (30%) have also surpassed cash-back (29%) as the rewards currency with the highest consumer engagement, with consumers earning and redeeming fuel rewards every few weeks or monthly. (Excentus)

Southeastern Grocers Announces New Fuel Rewards Program with Shell

Anthony Hucker, President and CEO of Southeastern Grocers said, “We are committed to providing a loyalty program for our customers and associates that will best meet their everyday needs. We have listened loudly to our customers about all of the things they value with our current rewards program and how we can make our next loyalty program even better. We are excited to announce that our customers will soon be able to redeem rewards for savings on fuel at participating Shell or other select fuel stations and on groceries through the SE Grocers rewards loyalty program.

Southeastern Grocers Transitions to Shell Fuel Rewards

We will take every step to ensure this transition is clear, smooth and creates quality value and savings for our customers and associates where it matters most – food for their families and fuel for their vehicles.”

Customers can continue to earn Plenti points in BI-LO, Fresco y Más, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie grocery stores through July 10, 2018 and the unredeemed points value earned in stores will be issued to the SE Grocers rewards program when the new program is launched. Customers must be fully registered in order to use points now or take the points value to the new SE Grocers rewards program. To ensure an easy and seamless transition, customers can visit bi-lo.com, frescoymas.com, harveyssupermarkets.com, or winndixie.com to check the status of enrollment.

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