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Patient Loyalty: What it Takes to Earn Their Loyalty

Healthcare Marketing Best Practices

Healthcare is one of the necessities a human can’t live without. Everyday people work and save some money just for their health purposes. With this in mind, more organizations offering healthcare services have come up. Now patients have to do some thorough research just to choose where to get better care.

People have many options to choose from. Every day we hear about new healthcare organizations coming up. Now in the current world, your healthcare company has to be exceptional. It has to stand out from the rest to get attention.

Creating Patient Loyalty 

As we have seen, your company needs to stand out from the rest. There are many ways to market your company. You can use every marketing strategy available. These include passing out flyers to your patients, using printed media, using your website and social media.

What you must ensure is that you target your audience. Many people make this mistake. Always make sure your ads are well directed to the intended audience otherwise, it will be wasted efforts.

Apart from doing marketing, you need to understand that you not only want to attract new customers; you also want to keep them. You want the customer to come back for a second time and to keep coming back whenever he/she needs the services that you are selling. This can be tough to achieve since customers can be choosy depending on their nature.

A lot of people fail because their main focus is on healthcare marketing. After the customers come to you, you need to give them a reason to stay. Make them feel comfortable and want to see you again.

Customer Recommendations HealthcareRecent research showed that 44% of customers in the healthcare industry come from recommendations. That can only happen if you treat your customers in the right way. They will be willing to bring you more customers and do a free marketing for you.

The research also showed that customer would be ready to change healthcare providers based on the services they get. Customers will go to another company if you offer poor services.

This means creating customer loyalty is fundamental. It will be beneficial to you and your company. You will get maximum performance from you marketing efforts since the customer will come and stay. But unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

6 Best Practices to Build Patient Loyalty

Customer loyalty is important for any business. Here are some tips you can apply to build it.

  1. Garner support for a focus on customer loyalty. Remember that this is a cultural change that might not bring immediate returns.
  2. Quantify the current and potential economics of loyalty in your patient care value chain.Segment your current and potential customer base to identify those targets with the highest loyalty and profit potential.
  3. Keep abreast of technology changes and determine customer priorities for digital and virtual health capabilities to improve your customer’s digital health experience.
  4. Identify loyalty leverage points to cement stronger relationships with higher shared value, for both you and your customers, than competitors can offer
  5. Realign your internal systems to highlight and reinforce actions that solidify the potential of loyalty.
  6. Provide channels for patients’ friends and families, referring providers, staff and allied professionals to endorse, refer and recommend.
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