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Loblaws Rolls Out Fee Based Loyalty Program

Loblaws Rolls Out Fee Based Loyalty Program

Loblaw is taking a page from e-commerce giant Amazon and club store Costco’s playbooks with its new $99 a year subscription loyalty program, PC Insiders. Which is a reimagined and revamped version of its loyalty program President’s Choice, and offers its members some exclusive convenience and value offers across many of the companies brands, brick and mortar facilities as well as its national e-commerce network.

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PC Insider Program Benefits

PC Insider exclusive offers include:

  • Free shipping from shoppersdrugmart.ca and joefresh.com (worth up to $92 annually for a monthly shopper)
  • An extra 20% back in PC Optimum points on all brands of baby diapers and formula
  • An extra 20% back in PC Optimum points on all purchases of PC Organics products, PC Black Label Collection products, Joe Fresh products including those from joefresh.com*, and luxury beauty items purchased online at shoppersdrugmart.ca
  • A surprise home-delivered box of our favorite curated President’s Choice items
  • A $99 travel credit annually, for eligible PC travel services bookings.

“This launch is a big opportunity for our most loyal customers, as the more they use the subscription the more they will save and earn.”

—Loblaw president Sarah Davis

“PC Optimum loyalty points are already in the wallet of 16 million Canadians, and this is a new opportunity for members who want to take their loyalty benefits to the next level.”

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In addition, over the last year, initial PC Insiders members have on average received benefits that are more than twice the value of the subscription costs, with some earning many times the price. The company used feedback from initial members to evolve program offers, tailoring its rewards.

Loblaw expects the loyalty card program to continue to evolve and grow as they continue to analyze feedback and tailor customer rewards.

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