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Dr Max’s Loyalty Program Key Differentiator

Dr Max

Best in Class Retail Loyalty Program

Company Overview: Dr. Max is one of the biggest retail pharmacy chains in CEE. It is a market leader in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and one of the biggest chains in Poland. It operates almost 1000 pharmacies in the chain and serves more than 210,000 customers daily.

Market: Central and Eastern Europe plus Turkey, 23% of Czech Republic population are enrolled in the program.

Loyalty Program Goals: The goal of the DR. Max retail loyalty program is to increase customer retention and significantly improve the quality of the contacts in their customer database.

Dr. Max Loyalty Program Benefits

  • Discount of up to half surcharges on prescriptions for each day.
  • Online medical consulting two times a year.
  • Permanent special offers of OTC (over the counter) products for our cardholders
  • Targeted vouchers that are sent out twice a year to selected members on the basis of their previous purchase behavior.
  • A mobile app that provides alerts on the regular use of drugs.
  • The medical hub of information provides customers with information on previous purchases and encourages the correct use of medications.
  • A pharmacist can check members’ purchase history to see if there is a problem with them taking a medicine with another product that they use.
  • Special educational campaigns focused on different health topics, such as diabetes, breastfeeding support or allergies.
  • Customer portal which features a personalized website with complete information on a customer’s purchase history.
Dr Max Loyalty Program Benefits
Photo Source: Dr. Max

Why the Loyalty Program is Successful

The loyalty program is at the center of the company’s business strategy and is a differentiator. Customers get value from the program in hard benefits such as discounts off the surcharges for prescriptions and over the counter medication. They also get value by having access to a hub for their medical information. This hub makes Dr. Max a valuable resource for its customer’s health and wellness news and information.

“A well-functioning loyalty program cannot be developed as a short-term marketing project, and simply has to be part of a company´s philosophy. Customers no longer appreciate schemes with deferred benefits, and prefer immediate advantages from their membership. It is good to combine sales campaigns with the non-sales ones. Connect the benefits and services with the main scope of your business, in our case, it is the connection with health.” — Daniel Horak, CEO of Dr. Max

Total Membership: 2.3 total members enrolled since 2015

Growth: Per week 5,000 new members enroll in the program.

Active Members: Active membership is defined as having made a purchase in the last 3 month. 75% of members are active in the program.

Sales: 85% of Dr. Max sales are linked to a loyalty account

Data: Loyalty database is a hub for customers’ medical histories, RX (prescriptions) and OTC (over the counter medicines). Pharmacists can see a complete history of customers and customize treatment options. The loyalty program database contains 98% of postal addresses, 85% of phone numbers and almost 50% of email addresses.

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