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BP Scores Big with Real-time Loyalty Redemption


Following a successful pilot, BP is rolling out real-time, point-of-sale redemption as part of the Driver Rewards loyalty program . In the pilot program, more than 7,000 BP gas stations across the United States used FIS Premium Payback technology to allow consumers to redeem rewards points for real-time discounts using just a single swipe of their payment card. Customers were able to redeem rewards points for 50 cents off each gallon of gas up to 20 gallons.

BP re-introduced its fuel loyalty program in May 2015 featuring enhanced rewards for consumers. Since then, the program has seen an increase of 10 percent in the number of average BP station visits per month for active BP Driver Rewards members, as well as an 8 percent increase in volume. In 2016, BP and Visa®  teamed up to deliver a convenient, one-swipe solution at the pump for BP Driver Rewards members.


Real-time rewards allow members to redeem value at the time of purchase based on past earning activity. Real-time loyalty rewards streamline the redemption process and provide value to the member and to BP.

Value of Real-Time Loyalty Rewards for BP

  • Influence desired customer behavior
  • Create customer brand loyalty
  • Increased member engagement
  • Build valuable customer relationships
  • Opportunity for increased revenue

Value of Real-Time Loyalty Rewards for the Member

  • Personalized brand experience
  • Status as a valued customer
  • Receive relevant offers and rewards
  • Immediate reward gratification

BP scored big when it was added real-time, point-of-sale redemption to the existing Driver Rewards program. Pilot results showed meaningful increases in the number of loyalty program card holders participating at BP stations, as well as a nearly 3% increase in the use of BP by account holders who used their cards for gas. Eighteen percent of points redeemers also said they chose BP because of the loyalty program. Meanwhile, 56% of consumers in the program said gas discounts were a better value than other redemption options, and 88% said they would redeem points for gas discounts again.

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