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AT&T thanks Customer Appreciation Program

AT&T thanks Customer Appreciation Program

AT&T Announces Customer Appreciation Program

In June, AT&T Inc. launched AT&T thanksSM, an appreciation program. AT&T thanks is a customer appreciation program – AT&T1customers2 get benefits from the start. No sign-ups. No fees. No waiting periods.

“Great service goes beyond the day to day relationship we have with our customers – it also includes ways to say thank you – we appreciate you,” said David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer of AT&T Entertainment Group. “AT&T thanks is kicking off with some great entertainment-focused benefits and will build over time. The relationship we have with our customers will get better and better with exciting ways for us to show our appreciation.”

Starting in June, AT&T gave customers access to entertainment experiences and other benefits:

  • ‘Ticket Tuesdays’: AT&T postpaid wireless customers get a free movie ticket on AT&T when they buy one at full price for a Tuesday showing. These are available to qualifying customers once every week for the duration of the program. Customers can visit att.com/thanks to learn how to receive a coupon code for a free ticket3 exclusively through MovieTickets.com for participating theaters, including all Regal Entertainment Group theaters.
  • LIVE NATION Priority Presale: AT&T customers get exclusive pre-sale access to the hottest concerts and events starting this summer. Select customers also get access to exclusive experiences with their favorite artists.
  • Unique Content: Select DIRECTV subscribers get access to special content coming soon to their TVs and their favorite mobile devices.

Additionally, AT&T thanks launched private offers. This limited-time, surprise offers for AT&T customers include tickets to live events, device and accessory perks, data giveaways, and more. As the program evolves, offers will be tailored to customers based on their services and packages with AT&T.

Note that as the AT&T thanks, program was getting ready to launch, AT&T began reining in its “Plenti” rewards program. “Effective September 1, 2016, AT&T is changing the way Plenti points are awarded under the current terms of the program. These new changes mean that you may no longer receive Plenti points, or may receive fewer Plenti points, for your monthly wireless service charges. These changes will also alter the way points are awarded for purchases of eligible merchandise, such that you will be eligible to receive 1 Plenti point for every $2 spent on eligible merchandise.”

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