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7-Eleven Leverages Loyalty Program to Collect Customer Insight

7-Eleven Leverages Loyalty Program to Collect Customer Insight

7-Eleven, Inc. wants its customers to drink up … because the more often they do, the more FREE coffee, Big Gulp®, Slurpee® and Chillers® drinks they’ll earn.

In 2014, 7-Eleven launched the 7-Eleven mobile app, 7Rewards, an expanded customer loyalty platform that rewards customers with a free beverage for every six cups purchased. To participate in the new 7Rewards program, customers must use 7-Eleven’s mobile app, available in the iTunes App Store or Google Play, and register as a member. Every time a customer purchases a cup, the cashier scan the barcode in the app, and a “punch” will automatically appear within the app. Each purchase earns a punch that shows up as a star icon in the app. After receiving six punches, or stars, a “You earned a free cup” notification appears in the app. The punch card process starts over once the free beverage is redeemed. The digital rewards program gives 7 Eleven realtime access to customer transaction behavior.

Loyalty Members Buy More

7-Eleven is giving away more free beverages than ever before, but it’s also selling more total units and the overall per-visit purchase is higher for 7Rewards members than non-members. The loyalty program also created a new way to collect customer opinions about stores, products and services. “The ability to survey members and get immediate feedback has been huge,” McClarin says. “It’s true customer engagement.”

“7-Eleven is a beverage destination for millions of Americans, with over 60 percent of our customers including a beverage with each purchase,” said Laura Gordon, 7-Eleven vice president of marketing and brand innovation. “We know that millennials like to have plenty of choices and, hands down, 7Rewards offers more beverage variety than any other rewards program.”

 Mobile Loyalty Program App

“We have customers who come in every morning, like clockwork, for a fresh-brewed cup of 7-Eleven coffee, while others regularly treat themselves to a Slurpee or Big Gulp drink,” Gordon said. “If you come in every day, scan your 7Rewards app barcode, you can get one free drink a week or even more, and that’s our way of saying ‘thanks’ to our customers and letting them get more of what they want at 7-Eleven.”

7-Eleven Engages Loyalty Members with 7Rewards Week

7-Eleven Engages Loyalty Members with 7Rewards Week

In April, being a member of 7Rewards® customer loyalty program, just got a little sweeter … and saltier. That’s because Monday, April 11, through Sunday, April 17, was 7Rewards Week, when members not only earned stars toward free beverages, they also got FREE 7-Select™ snacks and sweets. Every single day.

During 7Rewards Week, members receive a free 7-Select food item valued up to $2 with any 7‑Eleven cup purchase of coffee, 7‑Eleven Chillers® iced coffee, Slurpee® and Big Gulp drinks. To receive the free 7Rewards Week offers, customers needed to use the 7‑Eleven’s free mobile app (available via the App Store or Google Play).

7-Eleven Leverages Customer Loyalty Data

7-Eleven tailors offers to specific customers in specific situations. “We take a look at what you buy, what you don’t buy, offers you redeem and don’t, the time of day, and even the temperature, and bake it all into an experience for you,” says Robert McClarin, loyalty CRM marketing technologist at 7-Eleven.

One goal is to encourage customers to come in at different times–for example, luring frequent Big Gulp purchasers with a free snack, or offering morning coffee drinkers a free afternoon pick-me-up. “It’s pretty easy to see what’s going to motivate people,” says McClarin. “The data scientists work their magic and that helps us be smarter about our offers.”