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How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again

Obviously, all marketers want happy customers who come back again and again. But what is the secret to retaining and building positive customer relationships and brand loyalty? The secret to a happy customer is marketing data integration coupled with real-time data.

We are all aware that organizations have the ability to collect mounds of data, but what they do with that data is the key to happy customers. Using your data to learn more about your customer’s wants and needs will help you provide your consumers with rich content messages and offers to create connections and positive experiences your consumers will appreciate—growing your brand loyalty.

Not only is it important to analyze your data and put it to good use, it is vital to ensure you have ALL your marketing data up-to-date and available for you to access, analyze and utilize. Marketers who only have access to half of their data are only going to see half of the picture. And half the picture may lead to decisions that do not strengthen relationships but create unhappy customers.

In order to build customer relationships and increase brand loyalty, marketers must put their best foot forward when contacting their customers and prospects. The knowledge gained from current, fully-integrated marketing data allows organizations to reach out to customers with the right messages. Marketing data allows marketers to easily follow up with recent purchasers using personalized, relevant messages. The following are a few examples of how marketers can use their marketing data to build lasting relationships with their consumers.

  1. Welcome new customers
  2. Up-sell or cross-sell additional products or services that would add value to a recent purchase
  3. Introduce consumers to products they may enjoy based on their past purchases, demographics or interests
  4. Send individualized personal messages—birthday coupons, store openings, closest store notification for recent movers, reminders for expiring services or product refills, etc.
  5. Provide useful tips or information related to your products or services

In addition, your marketing data will also tell you about a customer’s journey—when and why they make purchases. If you know when customers are most likely to make a purchase or why they will make a purchase, you will know when to contact them and what to tell them to prompt the purchase and increase the odds that they will make that purchase from your organization. Providing relevant messages and offers at the right time will help build positive, influential relationships that will create return customers and impact your bottom line. All you need is fresh, reliable, fully integrated marketing data to know what your consumers need and when.

Now, more than ever before, it is easier to relate and speak to your consumers one-on-one, develop long-lasting relationships and build brand loyalty to keep your customers coming back again and again. But you will need accurate, fully integrated marketing data that is routinely updated to ensure you have the freshest possible information at your fingertips; then you will be able to create and deliver impactful marketing messages and offers to meet the needs of your customers and prospects. And keep your customers.

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Mary Shaw