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Jamba Juice Debuts New Jamba Insider Rewards Customer Loyalty Program

jambaLOGOHealth-conscious lifestyle chain Jamba Juice has unveiled its new Jamba Insider Rewards program at stores across the United States.

To earn rewards, including personalized offers and free products, customers need simply type in their phone numbers on touch screen kiosks.

Customers receive $3 off their next purchase with their initial account activation and continue to earn rewards like $3 off for every 35 points earned, with 1 point earned for every $1 spent. Benefits such as free juice or smoothies on birthdays and personalized offers for discounts and coupons sweeten the deal.

“Using the latest in innovative web, mobile, and touchscreen technology, Jamba Juice is endlessly committed to amplifying the consumer store experience,” Julie Washington, senior vice president and chief brand officer at Jamba Juice, said in a press release. “Here at Jamba Juice, we’re both delighted and proud to launch Jamba Insider Rewards, a program that goes beyond most current corporate loyalty offerings today by providing consumers an open, cloud-powered rewards approach in a way that is modern, intuitive, personalized and void of your typical plastic card hassles at checkout.”

Jamba Juice, started in 1990 in California, operates 851 store locations globally

Mary Shaw