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Groupon Launches Loyalty Program

Groupon’s business model has long been focused on attracting new customers for their featured merchants that post special deals for local customers. Today, Groupon shifts gears from acquisition to retention with the addition of Groupon Rewards, a new loyalty program allowing consumers to unlock special Groupon deals from their favorite local businesses through repeat visits. Consumers earn rewards at participating merchants simply by paying with the credit or debit card they have on file at Groupon.com. After spending an amount set by the merchant, the consumer unlocks the ability to purchase a special Groupon for that business. What’s exciting about Rewards is how easy it is for both merchants and consumers. As a shopper, you don’t have to worry about a loyalty card or remember to check in – Groupon does all the work behind the scenes and in effect, the customer’s credit card becomes a loyalty card. For the merchant, Groupon Rewards works with their existing POS system to help track redemption and ROI while incentivizing future purchases. This new program offers merchants an easy plug-and-play way to jump on the loyalty bandwagon and create long-lasting customer relationships.

Sallie Burnett
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