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Games People Play: Engaging Your Loyal Customers With Gamification

What better way to engage with your best customers than to have a little fun. After all, that’s what playing games is supposed to all be about. Adding the element of gamification into a loyalty program’s tactics can result in amplified engagement and ultimately increased loyalty.


Game On

There are obvious synergies between the mechanics of loyalty programs and those of gamification. Just look at some of the core drivers: aspiration, status seeking, rewards, points & levels, and goal setting.

Gamification can do more than just generate visibility, engage customers and educate the masses about your products or services, it can return purchasing data and engagement data that can result in changing customer behavior and reinforcing brandy affinity. Through engaging games, your brand may be able to move the dial on unique visitors, increased page views, increased time on the site and increased advertising revenue, just to name a few.

It’s important that your gamification tactics stay in line with your overall branding and tone. Be careful to keep your implementation from turning gimmicky and shortsighted. An interactive game approach doesn’t have to be silly, to be engaging. It must first and foremost be relevant to your audience.

Wendy’s Makes a Game Out of Product Introduction

For the roll-out of their natural cut fries, Wendy’s presented a “Fry-For-All” promotion on their Facebook page. By participating in the game, users received free Wendy’s natural cut fries while entering to win prizes like an iPad and Nintendo Wii. When they participated, users posted a small box of virtual fries to their Facebook wall, and encouraged their friends to “pick” a fry from their box. Each time a fry was picked, both the user and their friend were entered into a sweepstakes. When a box emptied, a coupon for a free box of fries was unlocked, and the user was encouraged to unlock a larger box of fries. The Fry-For-All game engaged consumers, introduced a new product in a fun way and turned consumers into a viral marketing team. [Source: Bunchball]

Wendys Facebook


Arby’s Gamifies Its Giveaways

Arby’s used gamification elements to its benefit this last summer with their “Good to Gourmazing” promotion. This gamified giveaway celebrated the return of fan favorite, Market Fresh® Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich. Consumers were directed to head on over to Arby’s Facebook page, “like” them and click on the $10,000 giveaway to be entered to win. Upon entering, users were given 500 points and 5 entries into the Giveaway. They earned more points by following Arby’s Twitter, signing up for emails, watching an Arby’s commercial or checking in on Foursquare. The more they engaged, the more points they earned and the more entries they received.

Arbys Giveaway This is a great example of how a brand can integrate game mechanics and dynamics into an overall digital experience to increase engagement, participation and results.

Have a success story on gamification that you would like to share with us? The Customer Insight Group team would love to hear how you’ve used gamification as a part of your overall loyalty program’s tactics.


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