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First Impression Critical for Nurturing Customer Loyalty

Throughout the entire customer purchase life-cycle from acquisition to on-boarding, to issue resolution, and customer retention, companies have opportunities to build customer loyalty.

The results of the ClickFox Brand Loyalty Survey conducted between March 7 and March 19, 2012, show that the most critical time to gain customers loyalty is when they make their first purchase (49%) or begin service. While 40% of consumers surveyed indicated that companies gain their loyalty when exceeding expectations in resolving issues. Sixty-three percent (63%) of consumers surveyed do not believe companies are doing enough to reward their loyalty. 20% of the ClickFox respondents said that the best way a company can build loyalty with them is by rewarding them for purchases, feedback, and referrals. The leading ways in which customers display their loyalty is by spreading the word and telling others (78%) and buying more (68%). More than half also said they avoid considering other competing products and companies.

Want to develop a loyalty program? Here are some great resources:

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