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Firefly Rewards Helps Small Business

Ever wonder who is the backbone of the rewards programs offered by Applebees, Best Buy, Staples, American Airlines, TGI Fridays, and many popular supermarkets? It is an online automated rewards company called Firefly Rewards, who is the third party, the driving force behind these successful companies who have many repeat and loyal customers. According to WebWire online news source, Firefly Rewards has launched a new program where businesses can enroll in their services and offer rewards programs to their customers for free. Fireflies Rewards Co-founder Walter Dubowec stated in the article, “A strong independent business community is vital to the economy. Small businesses make triple the economic contribution to their communities, as compared to what big boxes and large chains provide while creating 50% of all new jobs.” This shows that the rewards company is aiming to target smaller businesses with this free program and recognizes their importance in the economy. The Fireflies Rewards CEO Read Clarke also said that offering free rewards programs for small businesses is the best way to “help them build a strong base of loyal customers in today’s competitive retail environment.” The executive board of Fireflies Rewards believes that this free rewards program gives the small business sector a chance to compete with bigger companies that have more room in their budget for programs like this. The executive board hopes that this will increase customer loyalty to the smaller businesses and help them grow.

There are many benefits of using Firefly Rewards; most notable is that there is no need for a membership card of any type. Here are a few of the several listed benefits, as stated on their new website. Visit FreeRewardProgram.com for the complete list.

Automated points tracking.

Easy enrollment – the only information that needs to be obtained is the customer’s name, phone number, and email address.

Business chooses the rewards – they can offer coupons for dollar amounts off of a purchase, a percent discount, or a reward if so much money is spent.

All payment types are accepted – no matter how they want to pay, it counts towards the rewards.

Real-time data – all transactions and members can be instantly viewed at any time and is constantly updated

Increases current marketing – Firefly Rewards produces all of the emails and coupons, increasing awareness and adding a benefit of marketing to customers.

Not only does this program help the businesses gain loyal customers, but it also gives the customers incentive to develop loyalty for these businesses. Their visits and purchases are recorded and assigned points, which can build up to receiving discounts and special offers, depending on what the specific company decides to offer. It is easy for the customers because there is no enrollment paperwork or card to carry around, they simply give their information and can be quickly enrolled. Customers like coming back for two main reasons, as mentioned on the Fireflies Rewards website: 1) to earn points, and 2) to redeem the rewards they have earned. It motivates customers to return to a business and not to the competitor. It gives customers a reason to continually return to the same business. A unique part of Fireflies Rewards is that the customer has no idea about the third party that is involved (Fireflies Rewards). It is tailored with graphics and designs for each business.

The rewards website lists the following types of businesses that are ideal for enrolling with Fireflies Rewards:

– Restaurants

– Retail Stores

– Fashion & Apparel Shops

– Spas & Salons

– Golf Courses

– Health & Fitness Clubs

– Dentists & Chiropractors

– Service Providers

– Dry Cleaners

– Boutiques & Gift Shops

– Any business servicing a repeat clientele