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Facebook’s Recent Changes Give Marketers New Toys

If your social marketing efforts have been all about getting your customers to “Like” you, then the time has come to think bigger. Recent changes to the social media powerhouse have given marketers something to sink their teeth into.

Making Friends and Influencing Others

Do we put more stock in something our friends rave about? Facebook thinks so. There are ads, and then there’s what your friends are taking about. Never before have we seen the two meet — until now. With Facebook’s addition of a new ad unit that combines a friend’s endorsement with a company’s brand message, brands can combine the power of a prospect’s inner circle with a relevant branding message seamlessly. The icing on the cake —a new metric that tracks the social interactions, such as wall posts or comments related to the brand post over the course of a week.

First we thought we were just looking for fans. Now the very nature of Facebook helps us realize that “Friends of Fans” casts a wider net on like-minded individuals. This new metric allows marketers to understand the broader reach that advertising and content can influence.

Face it. People like to be where things are happening and the same is true on Facebook. The more people talking about a page, the more likely that the content featured on that page is engaging … like addictively engaging. Now the number of people “Talking About This” will be featured on a business’ page right below the fan count. So when people visit a page, they can immediately get a sense for how interesting or relevant the page is going to be to them. Marketers will be able to learn as they go about what kind of content works best for their page. When the “Talking About This” numbers go up, things will start clicking.


The new Timeline application gives us something to buzz about. At first blush, the idea of presenting your life story is kind of mind-blowing to the average consumer. It demands a shift from thinking about Facebook as simply a way of staying connected with friends and family. Now it’s a place for you to share your life story, express yourself, tout your preferences, state your opinions, rave or rant about companies, show off, etc. Those connected to you will see the movies you watch, the music you listen to, the friends you keep. Now… wrap your head around what this means to marketers. The ability to zero in on a finely-tuned target audience. No more messing around with talking to the masses and hoping to hit your demographic. No sir. This has potential to help you reach exactly who you want to, when you want to. That’s got legs.

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