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Doritos: Testing Customer Loyalty with ‘Mystery’ Flavors

Frito-Lay, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, has launched three new flavors of its Doritos brand tortilla chips in “mystery” silver colored packaging, a promotion that AdAge describes as an experiment in food marketing and customer loyalty. The packaging reveals very little about the flavor inside, with generic batch numbers on each label to add to the mystery.

Doritos Brand Loyalty

CPG companies typically use packaging to entice the customer and pitch other products from the brand. With experimental packaging, Doritos is attempting to engage its existing customer base to determine which new product to release, while simultaneously piquing the curiosity of other consumers. The new packaging is part of what Doritos is calling a “bold flavor experiment,” asking customers to try all three flavors and vote for their favorite online in a 60-day voting period. The flavor with the most votes will go on sale in stores in the fall.

To further entice customers, Doritos is giving away daily prizes of $1,000 in gold to those who vote for their favorite flavor on the promotional website. The prize plays off of Doritos’ brand-name etymology, as the word “dorado” means gold in Spanish. Customers can also use the site to partake in an online scavenger hunt which will give them clues as to what the mystery flavors may be.

What do you think about this program to engage the customer? Will you partake in the experiment?

Mary Shaw