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Customer Loyalty Programs: Stats, Facts and Tips for 2014

Loyalty marketers have some challenges and opportunities in 2014.

Marketers need to address increased competition for share of wallet, declining active member participation, and greater consumer expectations.

26.7% growth in the number of U.S. loyalty programs from 2010 to 2012. (Colloquy)

55% of organizations with employee engagement rates of more than 50% that have customer retention rates of more than 80%. (Demand Metric)

Customer Loyalty Programs- Stats, Facts and Tips for 2014

61% of retailers cite customer retention as their greatest obstacle in 2013, up from 51% in 2012. (Retail Systems Research)

62% of consumers don’t believe that the brands they’re most loyal to are doing enough to reward them. (ClickFox)

50.4% of companies cannot identify their most loyal customers. (Acxiom)

4.3% decline in active membership in U.S. loyalty programs from 2010 – 2012. (Colloquy)

54% of respondents would consider increasing the amount of business they do with a company for a loyalty reward, and 46 % said they already have. (ClickFox)

These stats and facts above make a good case that customers want to be loyal, and would like to participate in a loyalty program that rewards their loyalty, but marketers can do more to educate their staff, communicate with their customers and reward their “best” customers. Here are some tips to on how you can get the most from your loyalty investment.

10 Tips to Build Customer Loyalty

  1. Only require and gather customer information that you plan on using.
  2. Make sure your employees know the benefits of your loyalty program and that they don’t keep it a secret.
  3. Enrollment in your loyalty program lagging? Create an employee contest to see who can enroll the most new customers.
  4. One easy way to entice more customers to join your program is offer them an incentive at enrollment.
  5. Don’t just focus on adding members. To get results, you need member participation.
  6. Make it easy for your staff to talk about the benefits of the loyalty program by giving them a script.
  7. Participation and enrollment lagging. Secret shop your loyalty program to see if there are training issues.
  8. Consider implementing a minimum loyalty program enrollment requirement for employees and make it a component of their employee evaluation.
  9. Customers will carry your loyalty card if your customers see value in the program and if they are engaged in your brand.
  10. Tier your loyalty program so customers a reason to give you a greater share of wallet and loyalty.

Need some guidance and expertise in fine tuning your loyalty program? Maybe a Loyalty audit or loyalty workshop designed just for your business would make all the difference in driving your program forward. Look to the experts at Customer Insight Group for the advice and experience you need.

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