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In-Store Experience Critical Part of Consumer Buying Process

Physical retail stores are still relevant!

In-Store Experience Critical Part of Consumer Buying Process

Finding from the 2015 TimeTrade report indicate that consumers are looking to the in-store experience to help them validate their final purchasing decisions.

In addition, high personalization is one of the trends in retail business in 2016. The more the e-commerce is overtaking the physical shops, the more customers value a personal contact with the vendor. According to a TimeTrade research on retail trends for 2016, 38% of respondents have never bought anything using their phone or any other mobile device.

How many times in the last year have you bought something using a phone or mobile device, which you could have bought in a store?

Purchases made with mobile device
Source: TimeTrade

Even though social media are popular marketing platforms, the consumers remain quite passive regarding s-commerce. According to Euromonitor International’s survey, consumers are not actively engaging with the brands. The same applies to purchases made via social media websites – only 25% of respondents bought an item there.

Consumers engagement with the brands
Source: Euromonitor International

Following from the data above, online channels are probably not the best ways to persuade your customers to make an action or buying decision.

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The infographic 7 Tips How to Make Customers Fall in Love With You below made by epossystemsguide.co.uk highlights the secrets of how to establish a valuable relationship with your customers.

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