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Consumers Spend More for Valuable Rewards

It’s official: customer loyalty drives revenue. But the results of a recent online consumer survey showed very positive responses when asked to think about loyalty in general, with 93% saying they would be most likely to spend more with a brand if it had a great loyalty program, and 86% saying they would be more likely to visit a particular retailer if there was a valuable loyalty program to join, according to Sarah Cross at UK-based loyalty consultancy Uber.

When Tesco launched its Club Card program back in the mid-1990s, one of the top priorities of this major marketing innovation was that it should be used to bring the supermarket chain closer to its customers. And, in today’s super-austere economic climate, consumers demand real value from their favorite brands: if they’re going to choose your brand and your loyalty program, they expect to be totally ‘turned on’ by its benefits.

[The Wise Marketer, August 11, 2011]
Sallie Burnett
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