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Consumers Save With Fuel Rewards Coalition Loyalty Program

With the Fuel Rewards national coalition loyalty program, consumers are saving an average of 25 cents a gallon on fuel – nearly $15.5 million a month.

Consumers earn Fuel Rewards savings from 11,000 restaurants, 4,500 retail locations and more than 700 online merchants who participate in the Fuel Rewards loyalty program. Members redeem their rewards as cents-off-per-gallon savings on fuel at more than 12,000 Shell stations nationwide.

“Over the last three years we’ve seen our membership grow in size, frequency, recency, and depth of engagement, despite fluctuating gas prices at the pump,” said Scott Schaper, EVP Marketing and Program Operations of the Fuel Rewards program. “With this upward trend indicating how valuable fuel is as an everyday reward and how satisfied our members are, the question we get asked by merchants is no longer why fuel, but instead how best can we use fuel as a part of our marketing strategy.”

The State of Coalition Loyalty in the U.S. infographic illustrates:

  • Program demographics: Women make up the majority of the membership base at 59%, and 56% of Fuel Rewards households have 3+ members
  • National presence: Cities with the highest concentrations of program members are Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Los Angeles and Dallas
  • Moving to mobile: Mobile is where it’s at: 56% of visits to the program’s website happen on mobile devices, and 60% of program emails are opened on mobile devices
  • Top online merchants: Members have shopped most at these online merchants to earn Fuel Rewards savings: Lowes, Homedepot.com, Staples.com, Groupon and QVC.com



[Source: Business Wire]

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