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Zoes Kitchen Launches ZK Rewards Loyalty Program

Zoes Kitchen Announces ZK Rewards Loyalty Program and New ZK Mobile App

Zoes Kitchen ZK Rewards Loyalty Program
Source: Zoes Kitchen

Zoës Kitchen recently announced the launch of ZK Rewards – its new omnichannel, surprise and delight loyalty program. Additionally, the company launched its new mobile app for the iOS and Android operating systems. In tandem with the company’s newly designed web site, these new digital tools provide guests a seamless, convenient brand experience designed to deepen guests’ connection with Zoës Kitchen.

“On the heels of our recent website relaunch, the introduction of ZK Rewards and our new mobile app completes the first step in our new digital journey to more conveniently provide Zoës Kitchen to our guests anytime and anywhere they want it, as well as to create more robust opportunities for guests to emotionally connect to the brand,” said Kevin Miles, CEO and President of Zoës Kitchen. “The new ZK Rewards program now enables us to deliver a more relevant and personalized experience, providing tailored rewards based on the way our guests dine with us. In addition, with our development of these digital tools, we will now have deeper insights into our guests and, over time, better opportunities for integration with other ordering platforms.”

Zoes Kitchen Loyalty Program Benefits

ZK Rewards Benefits
Source: Zoes Kitchen

ZK Rewards presents loyal guests with sweet treats and delicious surprises such as birthday and ZK-versary gifts, access to exclusive local events and much more – the more they dine the more rewards guests earn. With the launch of the new loyalty program, guests can also enjoy a $5 sign up reward until the end of September. Guests now can conveniently earn and redeem rewards across all channels – online, in-store or via the mobile app. With convenience top of mind – guests will no longer be required to upload pictures of receipts to gain rewards. For dine-in transactions, guests will scan their loyalty ID (in their app) or provide their account phone number at checkout to identify themselves as a loyalty member and redeem rewards.

ZK Mobile App

ZK Mobile App
Source: Zoes Kitchen Mobile App

Zoës Kitchen’s new ZK Rewards app features a completely refreshed look and feel that complements the newly revamped www.ZoesKitchen.com that launched in early August. Using the new mobile app, guests can find a store, view the menu, and place orders at Zoës Kitchen locations. Additionally, from the app, guests can view their account information, order history, active rewards, loyalty ID, gift cards and provide feedback on their dining experience.

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