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Whole Foods Rolling Out New Pilot Rewards Program

The New Whole Foods Rewards Program Offers a Number of Rewards


Whole Foods Market recently announced that Dallas-Fort Worth is the newest test market for the company’s rewards program. Shoppers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can now register for the program and enjoy all of the perks of they new rewards program.

Whole Foods Market Rewards

Whole Food’s Rewards Program

“The rewards program is really about showing appreciation for our customers,” said Matt Nitowski, Global Executive Director of Customer Connection Marketing at Whole Foods Market. “We are excited to bring customers a program that they’ve been asking for and that celebrates their love of good food.”

The grocer’s first rewards pilot launched in Philadelphia in 2014, and once this market test is complete in Dallas-Fort Worth, Whole Foods Market intends to roll out this rewards program nationally.

Rewards and Recognition

The program offers a number of rewards, including 10 percent off your first purchase as a new rewards member, a one-time offer for 15 percent off the department of your choice, and select free products. The more customers shop at Whole Foods Market stores, the more rewards are unlocked.

Three lucky DFW-area shoppers who sign up for the rewards program before Aug. 31 will win free groceries for a year.

Source: Whole Foods Market

Who is Customer Insight Group?

Customer Insight Group, is a Colorado loyalty marketing agency leading the way in helping companies engage, keep and grow profitable customer relationships.

Marketing News Update2/27/2017 50,000 Members Signed Up

It’s been reported in SuperMarket News that the pilot program is doing well. More than 50,000 customers had signed up in the Dallas market. John Mackey, Whole Foods’ CEO and co-founder, said, that part of the loyalty program strategy is “Evolving our purchasing operating model while developing data-rich, customer-centric category management capabilities are critical steps — steps that are integral to our go-forward merchandising, pricing, marketing and affinity strategies, particularly with regard to supplier support,” he said in the first-quarter call.

“We’re seeing very healthy baskets over two times what we see for non-members, and we’re increasing the percentage of sales,” said Jason Buechel, EVP, and CIO, Whole Foods.

5/8/2018 Whole Foods End’s Rewards Program

Whole Foods is ending its digital rewards program, digital coupons, online accounts, the in-store Whole Body Benefits loyalty program and 365 Rewards for Whole Foods Market 365 starting May 2, 2018. Whole Foods has indicated that it will soon be folded into Amazon’s subscription-based Amazon Prime rewards program.“We’re cooking something up. And it’s gonna be good,” Whole Foods’ website stated. “A change is coming, so we’re cleaning things up a bit to make room. A few features on our website have been retired—find out more below. And stay tuned: something great is cooking with Amazon. We can’t wait to tell you about it.”

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