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Shopbop Offers Better Customer Experience

ShopBob Rebranding For a Better Customer Experience
Source: Shopbob

Shopbop Improving Its Customer Experience

Shopbop, the global online retail destination for style discovery and inspiration for women worldwide, debuts an all-encompassing brand refinement through a new look and feel celebrated site wide and across all customer touch points.

Brand and Customer Experience Updates

Shopbop ushers in a new era with a brand-wide refresh, presenting an exciting range of modern innovations. From a single brick-and-mortar boutique founded in 2000 in Madison, Wisconsin, to the worldwide style resource it is today, Shopbop has grown as both a global brand and leading fashion authority. The brand refinement, launching on Thursday, September 7th, consists of the following:

  • Reimagined logo
  • Refined brand color palette
  • Refreshed front page and product page design
  • Loyalty program
  • Revamped navigation and search utilities
  • Product recommendation innovations
  • Packaging updates
  • Checkout improvements

Shopbop CEO, Darcy Penick: “I am thrilled to introduce Shopbop in its newest iteration. After taking a close look at who we are as a brand, we made a decision to reimagine our look and feel to better service our customer, and best position our brand for the future.”

Shopbop celebrates the brand refinement with the simultaneous launch of the new Fall 2017 campaign, ‘Make Shopbop Yours’ featuring It-models Sasha Kichigina, Line Brems, Melodie Vaxelaire and Anna Mila. The campaign celebrates a fresh take on the season by encouraging consumers to embrace key trends, but on their own terms. Individual style is at the forefront, with campaign language urging customers to ‘make cozy yours’, ‘make color yours’, ‘make outerwear yours’ and ultimately – ‘make Fall yours’

The Make Shopbop Yours campaign will launch with unique photo content, spanning all digital channels – email, social media, and homepage – as well as outdoor media including taxi tops and street posters. Hosted across desktop, tablet, and mobile, the campaign features the latest fall product, styling guidance, and stunning imagery. From the season’s star color, marigold, to romantic velvets and lace, to statement-making outerwear, fall’s fashion highlights are brought to life.

Shopbob Brand Refinement

Shopbop Logo: The updated Shopbop logo perfectly captures the refined aesthetic and spirit of the brand.

Updated Shopbop Color Palette & Typography: The updated color palette consists of black, white, and a refreshed signature orange (the Shopbop heritage brand color), as well as a supporting tone of peach, pink and cool gray. Bolder font styles are introduced in alignment with the refinement.

Brand and Customer Experience Updates: Shopbop’s new look and feel extends from the homepage—which consists of reimagined layouts and presentation—to product pages, which feature enhanced photography, lighting and styling to better spotlight featured items, brands, and trends for our customer. Technical updates to the customer shopping experience include enhancements to the top navigation, search utilities, product recommendation, email layout and checkout page, allowing for a more seamless discovery-to-checkout environment.

Shopbob Global Loyalty Program

Shopbop launches a global loyalty program with customer opt-in beginning September 7th and a full program rollout in October 2017. With no minimum spend to participate in the program, customers will receive benefits including early access to new product and sales, birthday discounts, as well as invites to special events and more.

“Shopbop has become well known within fashion circles — it’s familiar to Fashion Week followers and it’s a destination similar to Net-A-Porter. A new loyalty program aims to build on that. With no minimum spend to participate, customers now receive benefits like early access to new product and sales, birthday discounts, and invites to special events, among other perks.” – RetailDive

Perks of Shopbob’s Customer Loyalty Program

Shopbob Loyalty Program Benefits
Source: Shopbob

Early Access – Get in on our biggest sales and shop new arrivals ahead of everyone else—and receive invites to exclusive Shopbop | East Dane events.

Birthday Treats & More – Rest assured: We’ll never forget your birthday or miss a big moment (like when you level up)—and we’ll make sure you’re celebrating in style.

Back-In-Stock Alerts – We’ll keep tabs on items you’ve hearted or wishlisted and let you know when they come back in stock. (Because of first dibs.)

The Little Things – From Mystery Money surprises to our members-only customer service line, extra luxuries are what being a VIP is about.

Shopbob Tiered Reward Structure

According to loyalty expert, Sallie Burnett, “tiered reward structures are a very effective marketing strategy. Tiered loyalty programs provide both immediate gratification with short-term attainable rewards and long-term aspirational rewards. Shopbob’s tiers will increase engagement by gamifying the rewards program and making it exclusive.

Shopbob Tierred Reward Structure
Source: Shopbob

“The program will offer exclusive access to pre-sales, birthday discounts and invitations to various events. Chinese customers will have a new payment options, thanks to the introduction of Alipay.

All of these changes will be reflected on both the mobile and desktop version of the Shopbop site, including the mobile app. In fact, the mobile changes were designed first and then the rest trickled down. Shopbop, like many of their competitors, sees quite a large chunk of sales made from iPhones and Androids alike, but Penick was unable to disclose those exact figures.” – The Observer

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