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Redbox Announces New And Improved Loyalty Program

Redbox Perks
Source: Redbox

The enhanced loyalty program offers more opportunities for customers to earn points, including renting and buying games, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, On Demand content, as well as renting discs for multiple nights. As customers rent and buy movies and games, they will earn “Star,” “Superstar” and “Legend” status to unlock never-before-available program perks, such as free upgrades to Blu-ray and advance alerts about the hottest new releases.

Updated Loyalty Program Improves the Customer’s Experience

“We’re recognizing and rewarding members for making smart home-entertainment choices with their hard-earned dollars,” said Ash Eldifrawi, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at Redbox. “The updated loyalty program increases the value of each Redbox experience.”

Redbox Perks members will achieve “Star” status after making 10 rentals or purchases each calendar year. “Superstar” and “Legend” can be achieved by making 20 and 50 rentals or purchases each calendar year respectively. Once members reach each status, they will receive an exclusive welcome gift and additional opportunities to earn points and rewards. In addition to earning free DVD, Blu-ray and game rentals, Redbox Perks members will soon have the option to choose rewards from Redbox partners.

Under Redbox Perks, instead of just earning points per rental, customers will now earn points per night. Additionally, customers now have the opportunity to earn higher point values when renting Blu-rays and video games.

Earning Points for Redbox Perks

  • Rent a DVD: Earn 100 points/night
  • Rent a Blu-ray: Earn 125 points/night
  • Rent a Game: Earn 200 points/night
  • Rent or Buy On Demand: Earn 75 points/transaction
  • Buy Previously Rented Movie or DVD Code: Earn Superstar 500 points/$5 spent | Legend 750 points/$5 spent
  • Buy Previously Rented Game: Earn Superstar 750 points/$5 spent | Legend 1,000 points/$5 spent
  • Adding an accepted payment card to your Redbox account: Earn 150 points
  • Completing your Redbox disc preferences: Earn 200 points
  • Downloading the Redbox Mobile App: Earn 150 points
  • Setting up and confirming “phone and pin” for text alerts: Earn 250 points
Earning Points for Redbox Perks
Source: Redbox

Redbox Perks Rewards

Members can start redeeming free stuff as soon as they have at least 1,500 points.

  • One-night DVD rental: 1,500 points
  • One-Night Blu-Ray rental: 1,750 points
  • One-night Video Game rental: 2,500 points

Members will be able to collect points and spent them on Redbox rental and will be rewarded for how often they rent from Redbox within a calendar year.

  • Perks Member: Register for the program and remain in good standing
  • Star: Make 10 paid transactions
  • Superstar: Make 20 paid transactions
  • Legend: Make 50 paid transactions
Redbox Perks Levels
Source: Redbox

Benefits for Star, Superstar and Legend Levels

Depending on what level the members are in with Redbox Perks, they’ll get the following freebies:

Star (10-19 rentals or purchases)

  • Additional promos for special savings.
  • Free 1-night rental in your birthday month.
  • 2 free Blue-ray upgrades per year.

Superstar (20-49 rentals or purchases)

  • Free 1-night rental in your birthday month.
  • 3 free Blue-ray upgrades per year.
  • Get alerts for the hottest new releases.
  • Triple Points Earning Days 2x a year.

Legend (50+ rentals or purchases)

  • 2 free 1-night rental in your birthday month.
  • 5 free Blue-ray upgrades per year.
  • Triple Points Earning Days 3x a year.
  • Get alerts for the hottest new releases.
Redbox Rewards Levels
Source: Redbox

Checking Redbox Perks Points Balance

Members can view their Redbox Perks points balance by logging into Redbox and visiting their Redbox account page.

Customers that already take advantage of Redbox Play Pass should experience no difficulty transitioning over to Redbox Perks, as all points will be migrated into the new system. The new points balance will equal the same number of one-night rentals away from a reward as it did under the flagship loyalty program. To see new Redbox Perks point balances with the Redbox app, customers should sign out of their account and sign back in.

“Redbox customers deserve significant rewards for significant loyalty,” added Eldifrawi. “We’re excited to offer benefits above and beyond free rentals with the updates to Redbox Perks.”

More than 27 million Redbox customers are members of the current loyalty program, and according to a recent Omnibus survey, nearly half (48 percent) of all Americans find out what’s new in home entertainment from Redbox. Averaging one million disc rentals a day, Redbox is the top transactional home entertainment provider in the U.S. for movie rentals – ahead of other digital rental providers, and all of the nation’s cable and satellite VOD distributors.*** Redbox installed more than 1,800 net new rental kiosks in 2017.

Redbox recently announced a new On Demand service, offering many of the same new-release movies available at the Box, and an expanded library of a growing collection of hit movies and TV shows for rental or purchase On Demand.

Source: Redbox

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