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Pizza Hut’s New Loyalty Program

Pizza Hut’s New Loyalty Program Rewards Members for Every Dollar Spent Online

Pizza Hut, which serves and delivers more pizza than any other pizza restaurant company in the world, recently announced the introduction of the only national pizza loyalty program that rewards customers unlimited points for every dollar spent on great-tasting food online.

Called Hut Rewards, the program differs from other pizza loyalty programs in that customers can earn a free pizza in as little as one visit, along with points for every dollar spent. The points-based program rewards two points for every one dollar spent online on food, which can be applied toward a Medium ANY™ Pizza (any recipe, any toppings) for 200 points; or a Large ANY™ Pizza (any recipe, any toppings) for 250 points.

“The new Hut Rewards program enables customers to earn unlimited points as well as a free pizza in as little as one order, which is why we believe it is the best loyalty program in the category,” said Jeff Fox, Chief Brand and Concept Officer, Pizza Hut, U.S. “By exclusively rewarding customers with points for every dollar spent on food online, we like to say that it pays to be loyal at Pizza Hut.”

“Whether spending $20 on a weeknight or $100 for a Friday night pizza party, Hut Rewards is the fastest, easiest way to receive free pizza,” Fox said.

How to Use Hut Rewards

Just like the program itself, signing up for Hut Rewards is simple. New customers can visit PizzaHut.com, click on the Hut Rewards program opt-in and quickly complete a profile to simultaneously create a digital account and enroll in Hut Rewards. Existing customers can simply sign into their account and choose to opt-in to the Hut Rewards program.

How to Earn Pizza Hut Rewards Points

Once enrolled, customers can begin earning Pizza Hut Rewards points immediately, and every dollar spent on food online goes toward a free pizza. Other benefits include exclusive offers, birthday rewards, and more. Pizza Hut Rewards points can be earned and redeemed during online or mobile orders only, for delivery or carryout. Taxes, tips, donations and gift cards do not earn points. Upon redemption, the customer is responsible for all taxes, delivery charges and delivery minimums that may apply. Additional charges for extra cheese and stuffed crust may apply.

Earning Points with Hut Rewards
Source: Pizza Hut

How to Redeem Pizza Hut Rewards

To redeem Pizza Hut points, members log in to their Pizzahut.com account via the website or Pizza Hut mobile app. If they have enough points available to redeem an award, simply select the “redeem” button. Once they have selected “redeem”, they be able to start building a free pizza. If they have enough points for a free pizza and they did not select “redeem” from they Hut Rewards dashboard, they will also be able to redeem points for a free pizza within their cart. Points will deduct immediately from their account upon Placing an Order. For 150 points, they can redeem for a Medium 2-topping pizza. For 200 points, they can redeem for a Medium ANY™ pizza. For 250 points, they can redeem for a Large ANY™ pizza.

The launch of Hut Rewards comes on the heels of Pizza Hut announcing that it expects to add 14,000 drivers to its system before year’s end. The additional drivers enable Pizza Hut to ratchet up its delivery capabilities following the development of a proprietary delivery network algorithm that improves the reliability and accuracy of deliveries.

In a constant pursuit to make it easier for customers to get a better pizza, Pizza Hut rolled out a number of digital enhancements over the course of the last year. Recently, Pizza Hut introduced a Delivery Tracker that allows users to track their delivery at three critical times: the moment the order is received, the time the pizza is being made, and when the order is out for delivery. Customers can also opt to receive text alerts for updates on their delivery status without needing to reopen the app or web browser.

Other easy-ordering solutions by the restaurant company include: Amazon Alexa voice service, Facebook and Twitter chatbot menu, social sign-in via digital ordering platforms, one-button reorder functionality, visible promise time, popular pizzas button, and Visa Checkout fast-pay options, among others.

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