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Lyft Launches Loyalty Program for Business Riders

Lyft Loyalty Program
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Big Rewards for Lyft Business Rewards Members

Lyft recently launched a loyalty program for travelers who join its business program. The Lyft Business Rewards program gives users the option to rack up rides for credit, according to Popsugar.

The program gives incentives to business travelers, for every five rides over $10 taken on the service, members will earn $5 credit on their personal account. Lyft has a service that’s directed at transportation managers of businesses.

Right now, the loyalty program is only limited to Lyft customers who use the service for business. That service, which can be registered for online, effectively lets users have a business and a personal account on the same mobile phone, making it easier to manage receipts and keep track of expenses. There’s no penalty for signing up as a business user on a personal account, however, so the service (and the loyalty program) can easily be used by anyone willing to join Lyft for Business.

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