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JCPenney Revamps Rewards Program

How New JcPenney Rewards Program Works
Source: JcPenney

Loyalty programs get stale. In fact, fifty percent (50%) of loyalty marketers in North America, the UK, Western Europe and Asia are revamping their rewards, earning structures and tiers. Sallie Burnett, a senior loyalty strategist at Customer Insight Group, notes that when updating loyalty programs marketers need to focus on:

  • Refreshing program benefits and reward structure to create more memorable, satisfying and in-the-moment experiences.
  • Refining communication strategies to increase purchase frequency and share of wallet.
  • Redefining the value proposition and better focus resources to promote a differentiated loyalty program that improves the customer’s experience.

JCPenney Attempts to Better Appeal to Loyal Customers

JCPenney’s updated loyalty program is making it easier for customers to earn free stuff more quickly and more often. First introduced in 2008, the retailer’s customer loyalty program has been enhanced with new benefits and features that allow greater flexibility and reward earning potential, along with a new website and app experience that make accessing JCPenney Rewards easier than ever.

“We know our JCPenney Rewards members shop and spend more than twice as much as non-Rewards customers. As we focus on growing revenue per customer, our customer loyalty program will be integral to enticing customers to shop often and spend more on every trip,” said Sherina Smith, vice president of loyalty and customer relationship management for JCPenney. “We have spent the last year testing, analyzing and refining various pilot programs across the country to create the best loyalty program for our customers. We are excited to introduce a new program that better rewards our customers for regularly shopping JCPenney, ensuring she’s getting her ‘Penney’s worth’ – all while building long-term customer loyalty.”

JCPenney Rewards Program Benefits

JCPenney Rewards Benefits
Source: JCPenney

No Cap on $10 JCPenney Rewards and Points That Don’t Expire

With the new JCPenney Rewards program, every time a customer earns 200 points, the customer will receive a $10 reward, valid for a minimum of 45 days. There is no cap on the number of $10 rewards customers can accrue in a month and any remaining points will continue to roll over each month, as long as the customer remains an active JCPenney shopper. The $10 rewards can be used on a future JCPenney purchase in-store and online at jcpenney.com.

Earn JcPenney Rewards

JCPenney credit cardmembers are automatically enrolled in the program and will earn one point for every dollar they spend. JCPenney Reward members who use any other form of payment will earn 1 point for every $2 they spend.

Member-Only Program Benefits

Customers receive an array of exclusive benefits as a JCPenney Rewards member. Members can expect special offers throughout the year, from member-only prices for select merchandise to limited Sephora inside JCPenney sample product offers and even an extra coupon to use on their birthday. Furthermore, during bonus reward events, all members can receive $10 bonus rewards for every $50 spent up to $150.

Loyalty Members Spend 2.5X More

With JCPenney cardmembers shopping JCPenney more frequently and spending over 2.5 times as much as other customers, JCPenney has added more incentives for customers to become cardmembers. Under the new JCPenney Rewards program, JCPenney credit cardmembers will receive additional benefits such as exclusive coupons and invitation-only shopping events, including more than 150 exclusive cardmember savings days. In fact, credit cardmembers shopping the retailer’s Cyber in July sale this week will enjoy an additional 30 percent off when they use their JCPenney credit card on top of an array of enticing online-only deals.

Tiered Reward Structure

Furthermore, Gold and Platinum cardmembers receive extra benefits such as a passbook of coupons, which includes a “Pick Your Own Sale Day,” along with additional coupons and special offers. Platinum cardmembers also receive a special “thank you” offer, Sephora inside JCPenney bonus point events and Platinum Appreciation sale days. Gold and Platinum cardmember status will now be determined by the customer’s annual spend, regardless of how many times a customer shops JCPenney or JCPenney.com throughout the year.

JcPenney Improves Loyalty Program

Manage Rewards Anytime, Anywhere

JCPenney has consolidated its JCPenney Rewards website with jcpenney.com – all members need to remember is jcp.com/rewards. Through one single sign-in, a member’s rewards automatically appear at checkout and the customer can choose to apply them to their purchase with one simple click. JCPenney Rewards members will be notified by email when they have earned a reward.

Additionally, members can manage their JCPenney Rewards account in the newly redesigned JCPenney mobile app. Members can easily access their $10 rewards in the app’s user profile and view how many points to their next reward. Much like the desktop version, a member’s rewards automatically appear at checkout when shopping in the app. When checking out in a store, customers can simply ask an associate to scan the barcode of their $10 reward directly from the app on their smartphone.

The loyalty mobile app also includes a barcode with the member’s JCPenney Rewards identification number. Store associates can scan the barcode to look up the customers’ JCPenney Rewards account to ensure they receive points for their store purchase. A member’s $10 rewards will automatically be stored within the app’s new digital wallet feature, where app users can also scan their JCPenney coupons and gift cards to store all their JCPenney savings one convenient location. Furthermore, JCPenney credit cardmembers can enjoy the convenience of paying their bill within the app.

To encourage JCPenney Reward members to take advantage of these new features on the app, members that download the JCPenney app for the first time from July 16-Aug. 31 will receive a $10 reward.

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