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INFOGRAPHIC: Psychology Behind Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty

Developing Brand Loyalty

A brand is more than just the design of your marketing materials. It’s a mix of expectations, memories, stories and relationships and a marketing strategy that successfully plays the emotion card is the key to building brand loyalty.

Effective brands have a strong identity that consumers can relate to. Much of this is driven by a deep understanding of psychology and brand marketers must develop the ability to make a mental connection with customers. Different strategies can enhance image perception and popular companies are showing how it can be done. In the infographic below, the University of Southern California’s Online Master of Science in Applied Psychology program took a closer look.

Developing Brand Loyalty


Some of the highlighted tips for marketers include:

  • Actions speak louder than words – What the brand does matters more that what it says.
  • A brand should speak for itself through interactions with customers.
  • Offer tangible experiences with the brand for consumers.
  • Know who is the target audience.
  • Create an authentic connection to build a long-lasting relationship with consumers.

Source: University of Southern California

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