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BP Loyalty Members Use Visa Cards for Purchases and Earn Rewards

BP Driver Rewards Program Updated

BP and Visa® have teamed up to deliver a convenient, one-swipe solution at the pump for BP Driver Rewards members.

Members of BP’s loyalty program now have the ability to link an eligible Visa payment card to their BP Driver Rewards account. This new functionality allows loyalty members to use their favorite Visa payment card to purchase BP fuel and earn or redeem rewards without needing a separate loyalty card.

“Consumers like to save on fuel with a rewards program, but it can be difficult to use,” said Doug Dryan, BP’s loyalty manager. “By eliminating the need to swipe both a payment and loyalty card when purchasing BP fuel, we have simplified the consumer experience and believe it will contribute to higher use of the program.”

Not only does this new feature of BP’s Driver Rewards program streamline the consumer experience for Visa cardholders, but it also helps BP on its mission to reward consumers for their loyalty in the simplest way possible. With this new offering, BP expects to see increases in the number of its Driver Rewards program members using a Visa payment card, which is the most frequently used network for transactions at U.S. retail gasoline stations. Today, more than 61 percent of these transactions involve Visa cards, according to Visa research.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the Visa cardholder experience and are excited to do that in conjunction with BP,” said Donald Boeding, head of merchants sales and solutions for North America, Visa Inc. “Simplifying how consumers can redeem offers and rewards is a huge opportunity globally and we want to help both merchants and consumers alike find easier ways to be rewarded.”

BP re-introduced its fuel loyalty program in May 2015 featuring enhanced rewards for consumers. Since then, the program has seen an increase of 10 percent in the number of average BP station visits per month for active BP Driver Rewards members, as well as an 8 percent increase in volume.

[Source: BP.com]

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