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Bloomingdales Launches Loyallist Program

bloomingdale's loyallist loyalty program

Bloomingdales Launches New Multi-Tender Loyalty Program —Loyallist

Look what’s happening at Bloomies. The long-standing retailer jumps into the hunt for loyal customers with their latest loyalty program, Loyallist, where it touts, “points are a shopper’s best friend.” Customers earn points for every dollar, every time they shop, regardless of how they pay or where they purchase – online, in-store or at Bloomingdale’s outlet stores.

Credit customers earn more. Bloomingdale’s credit card holders are automatically enrolled and earn three points for every dollar spent at any Bloomingdale’s location, online or outlet store. Bloomingdale’s Reserve Card and the Reserve American Express Card earn four points for every dollar spent.

Beautiful deal. Customers earn double points on cosmetics and fragrances.

How rewarding is it? When a customer reaches 5,000 points, they earn a $25 reward card, redeemable on all merchandise. That’s right any merchandise online or in-store. If a customer reaches their 5000 points while shopping in the store, they will be handed their reward card right on the spot. If they reach it while shopping online, they are emails their reward. Reward cards expire after 180 days from issuance.

What happened to Insider? Looks like the new Loyallist program is replacing the former credit-based Insider program. According to their FAQs, Insider points are converted to the new program at the end of February. Insider had some similarities in program structure, with customers receiving a $25 reward certificate once they earned 2500 points.

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