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Art and Science of Executing Successful Loyalty Marketing Strategy

Customer Insight Group, Inc will reveal tips and techniques to master the art and science of building customers loyalty at the Jacksonville Chapter of the American Marketing Association (JAMA). Customer Insight Group’s President and CEO, Sallie Burnett, will be sharing her loyalty marketing expertise and presenting at the October 6, 2010 JAMA half-day seminar, Engaging Customers One-to-One, at Main Library located at 303 N. Laura Street in downtown Jacksonville

Every day you hear about a new loyalty program. Another company chasing after the elusive pot of gold at the end of the loyalty-marketing rainbow. Gartner Research estimates that U.S. companies spend more than $1.2 billion a year on loyalty programs. According to Jupiter Research close to 75 percent of consumers in the U.S. now belong to at least one loyalty program, and an estimated one third have two or more loyalty cards — but how well do they work? That depends on who you ask.

Talk to marketers at Air Miles Travel Company, Target Corporation, Tesco Corporation, Harrah’s Entertainment Inc., eBay Inc. and a handful of others and they’ll say that their loyalty programs are key to new revenue growth. Armed with a 360-degree view of customers, they put customer interests first, personalize the shopping experience, and convey messages that bolster the customer’s affinity with the brand. At day’s end, they address not just purchasing behaviors but the fundamental drivers of customer loyalty. They succeed despite tough economic times and cutthroat markets. But the majority of companies are still struggling to get it right.

Sallie Burnett has custom designed a seminar for the JAMA marketing professionals who are required to work with a loyalty program, and want to master the art and science of executing a successful loyalty program. In this seminar, Sallie Burnett will examine current issues driving loyalty marketing, why loyalty marketing works, and you’ll discover skills, tools, and techniques you can apply to address specific challenges your company faces.

Burnett has been a featured speaker at industry conferences including the National Center for Database Marketing conference, National Retail Federation’s conference on CRMRetail, the Retail Advertising & Marketing Association’s conference, Online Market World, Network Affiliates Annual Convention and the Fred Newell Customer Relationship Management conference.

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