Loyalty Navigator


Is a Loyalty Program Right For You?

The idea of building customer loyalty starts with plenty of questions. Is a loyalty program right for your business? Where do you start? What ROI is reasonable to expect? What type of value proposition is most ideal for your customers? With so many questions, the Loyalty navigator helps you evaluate the many approaches to loyalty and how each one can or can’t help you achieve your business objectives. Loyalty navigator is an end-to-end strategic assessment to help you understand the feasibility of a customer loyalty program operationally within your marketplace and with your customers.


Creating Your Best-in-Class Loyalty Program

Our proprietary Loyalty Navigator assessment encompasses best-in-class loyalty strategy from the inside out — including the organization, process, and loyalty software evaluation.

  • Defining the vision, mission, and guiding principles for a loyalty program
  • Determining objectives and critical loyalty program performance indicators
  • Benchmarking competitors’ loyalty programs
  • Ideation of program benefits and business case for the value proposition
  • In-depth needs assessment, organizational readiness SWOT analysis
  • Building high-level financial models and projections
  • Outlining operational requirements, i.e., organizational support, system implementation support, and campaign management
  • Identifying customer loyalty software providers and internal organization investments
  • Strategic options and go/no-go recommendations

How do You Develop a Loyalty Program
Loyalty navigator guides you to a differentiated loyalty approach focusing on strategy, data and metrics, performance management, people and organization, and if a loyalty program makes sense, program execution. Whether you are just starting to think about a new loyalty strategy or wanting to revamp an existing one, Customer Insight Group’s loyalty navigator will help you determine if your company is ready and if the investment is feasible.