Loyalty Audit

Loyalty Program Strategy Update

One thing is for certain, nothing stays the same — and so it goes for your loyalty program. A constantly evolving marketplace, new competition cropping up, technological changes, waning customer participation – whatever thorn is in your loyalty program’s side, it calls for evaluation, fine-tuning, and re-energizing your loyalty program strategy that can ultimately result in improved ROI and a strengthened loyalty program. We can show you how.

Utilize our Loyalty Program Audit to:

  • Go farther. Take the data and customer feedback your program has generated and let it drive the program ROI to the next level while enhancing other areas of your customer’s experiences.
  • Dig deeper. Further, define your segmentation to better allocate discounts, rewards, benefits, and communications to achieve customer behavior change based on your business objectives.
  • Talk more. Develop a strategy to monitor and engage customers in a dialogue to understand their needs better, future intentions, and preferences.
  • Identify pain points.  Assessing the operational aspects of your loyalty program — such as new member signups, offer uptake, earn-and-redemption transactions, CSR complaints, and so on reveals issues that need to be addressed.
  • Foster customer intimacy. Identify ways to interact with customers with social media to create a more engaging customer experience, while also resulting in more exposure for your brand.
  • Listen harder. Research customers’ impressions of the current loyalty program, how it impacts their shopping behavior, and which benefits your customer’s value.
  • Shine brighter. Deepen customer engagement by giving customers more to love through evaluation and a balanced benefits mix of transactional and experiential rewards.


Need a Refreshed, Revived Loyalty Program that Works Double-time?

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