The Best Loyalty Programs Use Social Media to Engage Customers

In the wake of the digital revolution, heightened competition, and increasingly demanding customers, how do you expand your pool of profitable customers, with the ultimate goal of optimizing each customer’s lifetime value? You need to look no further than our proven proprietary systematic new loyalty process to help you keep prospects and engaged in order to grow them into profitable customers.

Grow New Prospects into Profitable Loyal Customers

We can help you build an optimal loyalty program that is financially viable, sustainable and achieves your business objectives. Over the course of 10-12 weeks, we’ll help you develop a program that will achieve your business objectives and effectively engage your customers. From points and rewards to discounts and customer engagement to development-based value propositions, our team of experienced professionals will create an optimal customer loyalty strategy addressing the five strategic components:

  • Marketplace: Support your overall brand, your customer’s needs and sustain your distinct position within the competitive environment.
  • Structure: Build and operate a differentiated loyalty strategy.
  • Social & Behavioral: Change customer behavior and encourage social actions based on your business objectives.
  • Technology and Social Media: Leverage mobile and social channels to engage members.
  • Financial: Drive incremental revenue to your bottom line.

Your Comprehensive Loyalty Consulting Engagement Delivers:

  • Complete program blueprint and implementation plan
  • Program strategy that supports your strategic objectives and is a natural extension of your brand
  • Action plan to gain internal support for program strategy
  • Differentiated loyalty program that resists replication
  • Financial planning, measurement framework and reporting to maximize ROI
  • Resource and technology requirements to support your program

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