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Presentation Title: The Journey Matters More than the Destination

The Customer FEST India 2018
Event Information

Sallie Burnett will give the keynote presentation, The Journey Matters More than the Destination. The journey to improving customer loyalty matters more than the goal itself. As marketers take their eyes off the prize and value the journey, they develop a deeper understanding of the customer relationship and build both behavioral and emotional loyalty.

In this keynote, Sallie Burnett will address:

  • What it means to create a pragmatic approach to building customer loyalty so the value generated from the journey far exceeds the goal itself.
  • See how and why others have already succeeded, what doesn’t work, and — more importantly — what does work.



Past Events:


Presentation Title: Loyalty: The Ties that Bind

Event: Resort Development Organization: Going The Distance

Featured Speaker

Location: London, UK


Presentation Title: Cultivating Customer Loyalty & Increasing Profits

Event: ProGreen Expo

Loyalty Marketing Workshop

Location: Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO


Presentation Title: Making Social Media Work for Business

Event: Denver Metro Small Business Development Center

Social Media Training

Location: Denver, CO