Denver Small Businesses Learn How to Overhaul Their Customer Loyalty Programs

Contact Information: Mary Shaw 303.422.9758
Customer Insight Group, Inc.

Denver (November 12, 2012) — Is the competition stealing your best customers? Has your loyalty program grown stagnant? How are you planning for the long-term to retain your best customers and build their affinity to your business? No matter where small businesses find their challenges today, it is likely that customer loyalty plays a significant role in their marketing mix.

It May be Time to Update Your Loyalty Program

Sallie Burnett, President of leading strategic marketing firm Customer Insight Group, will present a three-hour seminar at the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center, November 28, 2012, from 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon, where she will enlighten this audience of business owners and executives on how to strengthen their customer relationships to ultimately impact their bottom line and future growth.

In Sallie’s seminar, Overhaul Your Customer Loyalty Program, attendees will learn how to plan, launch and evaluate their own customer loyalty marketing program that recognizes and rewards best customers while increasing the bottom line. Whether you’re just starting out with a customer loyalty initiative or you recognize that the one you already have needs reworked, this seminar will provide valuable insight into where your next steps should be.

“We know that loyalty marketing works,” shares Burnett, “It’s as simple as that. The tactics of engaging, keeping and growing customer relationships have proven their value for businesses big and small, across industries and around the globe.” Sallie plans to share tips on how to shift customer behavior to increase profits, update existing loyalty programs, distinguish a business from its competition and reduce customer attrition and churn.


Customer Insight Group is a leading strategic marketing firm that helps companies engage, keep and grow profitable customer relationships. Their expertise lies in helping companies assess and improve customer strategy to achieve measurable business objectives. Services include: comprehensive loyalty audits, social media customer engagement programs and innovative loyalty programs. Sallie Burnett is the founder and President of Customer Insight Group and an expert in the field of relationship marketing. In 2009, the Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association named Sallie Direct Marketer of the Year.