Our Social Media Workshops help you understand your customers at the speed of social media.

Odds are your employees and customers are already using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, mobile applications, and other digital technologies. And as you read this, the number of social media outlets continues to grow exponentially. Social media is not a learn-it-once entity, instead, it demands your constant attention to stay tuned into its ever-expanding menu of offerings. Our customized workshops can help you get a handle on social media’s latest and how it can engage and bring you closer to your customers.

Online or In-person Social Media Marketing Workshops

Our custom workshop can be configured as a hands-on, in-person, intimate digital marketing class or we can customize an online training program to match your industry, participant roles, clients, and knowledge levels.

Need an update on industry trends, best practices, or a refresher course? Then a half-day session is probably right for you and your team. If you are taking your first steps in exploring social media marketing, the full-day workshop provides a solid base of knowledge and insight to help you move forward with confidence.

Two-Day Social Media Marketing Workshop

You could send one person to a conference and hope that they can bring everyone along. Or you can bring your whole team together for a custom workshop that ensures everyone knows what needs to be done to create a defensible, sustainable social media marketing program. Our customized multi-day workshop provides solid direction by helping you:

  • Define social media as it pertains to you and your industry
  • Benchmark customer and prospect social readiness
  • Define your social customer objectives
  • Assess your organization’s brand and social media marketing
  • Choosing the right social media platforms to engage your customers
  • Map out your social capabilities-building plan
  • Define your metrics for success
  • Best practices to help you maximize the impact

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